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An Introduction to DreamEDU
The World-Class School Management Software

Dream-EDU is a complete school management solution which unlike any other such solutions focuses on the essential needs of a school and the pain areas of their day-to-day operations. Its unique automation techniques, which are evolved through a long phase of understanding the school operations in depth and coming up as a very useful product for educational domain and as its clients describe it a ‘No-Nonsense product’.
DreamEDU Benefits

Wide Coverage

The DreamEDU encompasses the complete student life-cycle starting from admission to result generation and TC, along with website, payroll and Inventory management,covering a wide range of processes.

Modular Solution

The solution comes with modular approach! To start, one can choose any number of modules and pay only for selected modules and gradually move towards the complete automation.

SMS & Email alerts

Auto alerts integrated with every module make it self-monitored software solution which requires almost zero operational cost and can sustain without additional manpower

Low-Cost Guaranteed

DreamEDU, despite of its world-class features and fanatical support system at the back, it is priced at the least cost. Taking care of affordability of noble-caused institutions of education system


Its capability of integration with various other systems like Bio-metric attendance system, Transport system, Existing website or an accounts system (Tally etc.) makes it viable for any level implementation

Planning and Self-Reporting

Teachers can create their teaching and evaluation plan and can manage their work-diaries. The solution auto-generates the reports for the tasks unfinished or delayed

Safe and Secure

School’s data is no less important than any crucial data of reserves. DreamsEDU is equipped with all safety measures and can auto-detect any un-usual or un-authorized activity.

Strong Support System

DreamEDU believes more in supporting its existing patrons than just focusing on the clients count. Maintaining the resource-client ratio to 1:1 enables the schools to have dedicated and personalized support

Easy Implementation

Be it any level or any time of the session, DreamEDU takes the pain of implementation and data uploading at its own. Schools need not worry about the implementation, just sign up and sit back!
Why Are We The Best In The Industry
When the mission is just “To help the educational institutions in managing their tasks and coming up with latest yet viable and more importantly acceptable solutions to their day-to-day problems of school management”, it automatically becomes the best offering of its age. By not just focusing on high profit margins but focusing more on the satisfactory smiles it should bring to its users, Dream-EDU automatically and undoubtedly becomes the number one choice for institutions around the world.
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